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  • Source: SA Rugby Mag: Stormers captain Siya Kolisi said it was ‘really tough’ to play their Super Rugby Unlocked opener inside an empty Newlands stadium on Saturday. DYLAN JACK reports. The Stormers opened their campaign with a hard-fought 23-17  home win against the Lions, who came into the match with an advantage of having played in the first round of the tournament last weekend. As has become the norm in the Covid-19 era, the game was played inside an empty Newlands as coronavirus regulations currently prevent fans from attending matches. In truth that gave the

  • Elon Musk on Friday 28 August '20 unveiled a coin-sized prototype of a brain implant developed by his startup Neuralink to enable people who are paralyzed to operate smartphones and robotic limbs with their thoughts — and said the company had worked to “dramatically simplify” the device since presenting an earlier version last summer. In an event live-streamed on YouTube to more than 150,000 viewers at one point, the company staged a demonstration in which it trotted out a pig named Gertrude that was said to have had the company’s device implanted in its head

  • In both the consumer and business worlds, technology is constantly and rapidly evolving. Unique and innovative new business, health and consumer technologies are emerging every day, but sometimes it takes a little time for the “next big thing” to get recognized and catch on. Google, for instance, launched the original iteration of G-Suite back in 2006—long before the cloud computing and real-time collaboration became the standard. As leaders in the tech field, the members of Forbes Technology Council are always on the lookout for emerging devices, programs and systems that could revolutionize their