Cloud Services

Cloud Services can dynamically scale to meet the needs of its users and is designed to provide easy, scalable access to applications, resources, and services. IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service is starting to gain traction in the South African market due to bandwidth cost reductions as well as the mystery around cloud services having been decompiled and understood. Our Server on Demand platform is built on the VMware product stack and uses leading brand server, networking and storage infrastructure to build one of the only VMware Software - Defined Data Centre’s in the country.

Why Server On Demand IaaS


Quickly deploy new servers and applications from our pre-configured templates. Utilise the VMWare API to link your own private environment to our VMWare cloud environment for additional capacity or failover.

Cost Predictability

Transparent reporting and easy to understand billing model. Pay only for the resources used and budgeted for. Choose your contract period, one Month, one Week or one Year. The choice is yours.


Utilise our VMWare environment for an offsite Disaster Recovery site, without the capital cost of hardware infrastructure. Run any Operating System or Software. Build your own ideal hardware configuration. Use our operating system and solution templates or upload your own images.


Being in a Tier 3 data centre and being on major Telco’s backbones, we have completely redundant communications. All major national and international carriers terminate in our data centre. Choose your contract period, one month, one week or one year. The choice is yours.

Software-Defined Data Centre Explained

The Software-Defined Data Centre is a unified and integrated data platform that provides superior automation, flexibility and efficiency to transform the way you deliver computing.  Processor, storage, networking, security and availability services are pooled, aggregated and delivered as software and managed by intelligent software.  Self-service, provisioning of Infrastructure and applications round off the solution.  The result is a data centre designed from the ground up for the cloud era.

We leapfrog the tangle of scripts that sit over specialised and rigid hardware that typically define the legacy Cloud Data Centre.

The heart of our virtualised Software-Designed Data Centre is the VMware Cloud Infrastructure.  By basing our Cloud on VMware’s vCloud Suite, the virtualisation principles of abstraction, pooling and automation are applied to compute, storage, networking, security and availability.  This creates the Virtual Data Centre (VDC), a new logical construct that aggregates these software-defined services and enables intelligent provisioning, monitoring and of course automation. Connectors and built-in API’s provide seamless extensibility to public cloud services and third-party platforms.

Additional Services

In addition to pure IaaS, we offer a range of packaged services to monitor specific servers, applications and their respective services.  We then take it a step further and automate the starting of services and the alerting of the designated administrator.  This will ensure that not only do you have a solid Infrastructure layer but that your application layer is pro-actively monitored and uptime increased without adding additional skills overhead on your IT team.