Infinetix and Blackshots join forces to bridge digital divide

The board directors at Infinetix

Infinetix and Blackshots join forces to bridge digital divide

In a bid to bridge South Africa’s digital divide, leading system integration company Infinetix and investment firm Blackshots have formed a strategic alliance. The partnership, according to Infinetix director, Dion Visagie, represents more than a commercial deal.

He says, “It’s the culmination of a shared vision between like-minded people, who are unapologetic about their belief in South Africa’s potential and the need for a digitally connected populace.”

The alliance has enabled Infinetix to secure level 1 black economic empowerment (BEE) status, providing it the means to penetrate deeper into public and private sectors and impact the communities it serves significantly.

With a robust 15-year history of delivering specialised enterprise solutions, platform integration, and managed services, Infinetix views this partnership as an avenue for not only business growth but also narrowing the country’s marked digital divide.

Blackshots, known for its business acumen and leadership, shares a unified vision for a digitally inclusive future where South Africa stands as a significant global player.

Blackshots director, Nompakamiso Hude, expressed her conviction that the future is unequivocally digital. “All citizens – businesses and individuals – need to participate in the fast-evolving digital universe. Our job is to help them participate by facilitating access and ensuring those who operate in this space do so in an efficient and cost-effective way.”

Hude further stated that as a proudly South African firm, Blackshots seeks partnerships with enterprises that are good for South Africans.

“We partnered with Infinetix because of their industry expertise. Together, we are committed to assisting our customers, communities, and country thrive in the new global economy.”

This strategic alliance is predicted to bolster Infinetix’s ability to extend its operations beyond South Africa. David Musikanth, founder of Infinetix, says, “We have recently opened offices in Pretoria, and our aim is to expand our business nationwide, including our existing presence in Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Eastern Cape, and evolve into a next-generation system integration company.”

Infinetix has fostered strong partnerships with key technology vendors, including Dell, Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, and Fortinet. It aims to provide comprehensive, integrated, and cost-effective solutions that future-proof its customers’ operations, increase productivity, and enable growth and job creation.

Infinetix thrives on connecting with people, diagnosing, and solving technical issues for its customers. “We look forward to making an even greater contribution to our customers, communities, and the economy. We believe in our skills, resources, and capabilities – and our potential to make a difference – as we prepare and equip the country for a digitally inclusive future,” Visagie concludes.

As Infinetix and Blackshots come together, South Africa is set to witness significant strides in digital transformation, ultimately contributing to the country’s economic growth and bridging the digital divide.

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