Building IT Solutions

Technology unlocks new paths forward, each with distinct risks and rewards. Despite potential challenges, and how unclear the road ahead might seem, it’s critical to quickly embrace change and build a sound foundation for your technology journey. This is necessary to ensure the strength of your business as it grows and adapts. In order to stay ahead, it requires agility, scale, and an evolving workforce.

The depth and breadth of our expertise at Infinetix can help plan and build technology solutions that meet your goals. Our services increase agility to use technology that can extend from edge to data centre and cloud. Our expert team empowers you to bridge IT to your business, opening new opportunities to outperform in every dimension – from increasing operational efficiency to improving customer experience.

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As organisations are increasingly relying on IT to be flexible in order to help the business stay agile, more flexibility in how you consume technology is required. Other requirements come alongside this – like needing to be able to easily scale up or down as you need capacity, and paying only for what you use, giving you the ability to build a more responsive IT that best supports your business.

At Infinetix we’re proud to offer you multi-cloud flexibility through our broad end-to-end portfolio of consumption-based and as-a-service delivery models, the consistent experience we provide across public, private and edge clouds, and by optimising your infrastructure for desired, predicted outcomes aligned with your business objectives.​

Choice, flexibility and predictability in how you consume IT that you need from the Edge to Data centres and including our cloud platform – we can accelerate your transformation so that you can engage with your resources with freedom and flexibility. In addition, our value-added services bring you predictable and repeatable outcomes.

Multi-Cloud will bring you freedom of choice in technology consumption. Deploy the resources that your IT users need and where they need it for the best financial and technological outcomes.

Our Multi-Cloud objectives is to bring you a consistent experience across public cloud, private cloud and the edge.  We architect our solutions with Infrastructure, Software and Services for optimised, desired and predicted outcomes.

Applications and Data

In today’s digital world it’s applications that allow businesses to do the business they do effectively. It’s the data that resides within these applications that provides business value if leverage correctly.

At Infinetix we segment the applications and data area of our business into two parts; firstly, we look at where data is created i.e., database applications, ERP tools, and IOT solutions. Secondly, we explore value creation from data by leveraging Data Analytic, Businesses Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.

Our customers recognise that data is an imperative business differentiation. The challenge is what and how do they implement solutions to help them leverage that imperative. The fact is, its complicated, and farmers, bankers, teachers, manufacturers, miners, and others, are good at doing just that. Creating Technology solutions to deliver additional value from data might not yet be core to their business.

Infinetix has a unique set of capabilities to help customers setup and run their Database and SharePoint applications. Host SaaS based applications. Customise their retail ERP applications and size, scope and deploy any scale and complexity IOT solution.

And last, but not least, to become a digital leader your organisation needs to use data to provide business insights, automate business processes and drive operational efficiencies.

Modern Workplace

There’s no doubt that 2020 has reinforced the benefits of preparing for rapid change across organisations – most organisations have already done a great job adjusting to a new reality of working and learning from anywhere. As the workplace continues to evolve in support of a more fluid and permanent remote workforce and as schools and academic institutions take on an entirely new remote education models, the need for modern devices and a flexible and responsive IT environment cannot be understated. 

User experience and productivity must remain top of mind. End-users, whether employees, teachers, or students, want faster, more secure, easier to use devices, collaboration, and access to all the tools they need to get the job done.

IT needs efficiencies and automation to securely support hybrid work modalities and remote learners.

And from an organisations’ perspective, continuity, innovation, productivity, and growth is critical.

At Infinetix we deliver innovative and flexible infrastructure solutions for the agility to manage the unexpected and a modern approach to empower remote users. We deliver a holistic approach, expertise and the most comprehensive portfolio of technologies and innovative remote work solutions from the device to the cloud.

Let Infinetix accelerate your Modern Workplace as you work to create your optimal Modern Workforce.

Security and Resilience

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated  – and it’s not a matter of “IF” but “WHEN” you will be faced with an attack. 

Attacks on global companies have cost billions in lost revenue and can leave an ongoing negative effect like damaged reputation and lack of shareholder confidence. 

Attackers are sophisticated and take advantage of cutting-edge technology, exploiting vulnerabilities as they emerge.

Cyber attacks take many different forms and the attackers may have a variety of motivations, techniques and even platforms from which to launch their attacks.

To protect your business against cyber threats, it’s not enough to just protect your infrastructure, you also need to protect your applications and data as these are your most valuable assets.

“Resilience” means the ability to prepare for and adapt to changing conditions and withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions. Resilience includes the ability to withstand and recover from deliberate attacks, accidents, or naturally occurring threats or incidents. 

In short, Resilience is a STRATEGY that incorporates people, process and technology into a holistic framework that protects an entire business, organization or entity.

To plan ahead, you need protection, cyber security and cyber recovery.

Cyber Recovery is a component of an overall Cyber Security & Resilience strategy.

Cyber Recovery distinguishes itself from traditional backup and disaster recovery by providing additional layers of physical and logical security at both the solution, system and data/file level to ensure critical data can be preserved with integrity, confidentiality and to ensure it is available when needed for recovery.

Cyber Recovery is focused upon Protecting critical data from cyber threats and away from the attack area – and then enable the Recovery of that data when and if necessary.

Infinetix can help ensure your desired, predicted outcomes with leading data protection & cyber security protection.

With industry leading platforms we can accelerate your Data security and resiliency objectives end-to-end, from the end point to cloud. With our wide technology ecosystem Infinetix helps you make security intrinsic, pervasive and proactive.

Managed Services

Implementing the right strategy requires a holistic approach to both developing and executing business and IT strategies. Technology unlocks new paths forward, each with distinct risks and rewards. To stay ahead, it requires agility, scale, and an evolving workforce.

The depth and breadth of our expertise can help plan and build technology solutions that meet your goals. Our services increase agility as you optimise technology that can extend from edge to data centre and cloud.

Our capabilities empower you to bridge IT to your business, opening new opportunities.

Our goal is to:

  •       Boost time-to-value
  •       Accelerate Deployments
  •       Expedite Cost savings and
  •       Mitigate Business Risk

Finally, we have the flexibility to for you to consume and deploy our products and services using financial models that best suit your business demands.