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Private Virtual Datacenter

VMware Cloud

Wherever you are in your cloud journey, you want your app infrastructure to remain manageable no matter what the future brings. This requires a single, simplified platform, otherwise you run the risk of increased vulnerability, resource-intensive workflows, and static infrastructure that doesn’t support your growth.

With Infinetix VMware Cloud, you can modernise and run next-gen apps in your preferred VMware cloud environments with total security along with maximum cost-effectiveness and performance.

Empower Your Cloud Journey

When you modernise with our cloud, you get self-service flexible compute, network and storage, reduced overhead, greater app management, and 24/7 security and compliance across your VMware environment.

Future-proof modern cloud infrastructure for next-gen apps

Smart cloud economics and high performance

Easy cloud with rapid provisioning and familiar VMware tools

Policy-driven security and compliance

Policy-driven security and compliance

Streamlined Migration

Leverage your team’s existing skill sets—apps needn’t be refactored to move to our cloud

Managed or Self-Service

Get Disaster Recovery, Migration, Reporting services and more, as self-service or managed (if available).

Flexible Consumption Models

Only pay for what you need, including reserved pools of resources or popular pre-fixed “t-shirt sized” consumables.

Future-Proof Your Apps

As your business becomes more digital, it’s also increasingly dependent on technology. Get the right tools for the job as you transform to Kubernetes, securing your development environments and quality runtime clouds on vSphere. Cloud-based recovery services can help protect your infrastructure from downtime, cybersecurity attacks, natural disasters and other disruptions.

Developer-Ready Cloud

Infinetix VMware Cloud includes capabilities to support modernisation through containers, automation and access to validated, secure applications and tools.

Backup Services

Infinetix Backup Services deliver availability for all your workloads so you can easily achieve fast, flexible and reliable backup, recovery and replication for all your applications and data, including support for vSAN.

Disaster Recovery Services

You need the ability to protect and recover your apps and data in the cloud—just like on-premises workloads.

Disaster Recovery Services

Flexible, cloud-based DRaaS

As businesses continue to transform and become more digital, 1hey also increase their dependency on technology. putting them at risk. Downtime is no longer tolerated. and the risks from cyberattacks especially ransomware, are on the rise.



1 Hour of downtime costs over $ 100,000 on average for enterprises.



Ransomware causes an average of 19 days of downtime!

Infinetix Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS) is a fast, flexible, off-premises cloud-based disaster recovery to cloud and between clouds, designed specifically for your VMware environment.

Eliminate managing DR infrastructure

Flexible Recovery Point Objectives to suit your needs

Scale and recover quickly when needed

Available as a self-service (if available) and managed service

When was the last time you ran an end-to-end DR validation?

DR Testing with Infinetix DRaaS

DR can be worthless if organisations don’t perform regular validation to ensure they’ll work right when needed. Reduce risk with fast, clean simulated DR testing that enables regularly scheduled testing required for proper DR planning and validation without impacting your ongoing DR activity…or your IT staff.

Test recovery coverage and capabilities in minutes without impacting DR activity.

Zero conversion needed, minimising the effort to test and failover.

After validating application functionality simply remove the test replica.

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