The World in the Next 50 Years

In 50 years we’ll have ‘robot angels’ and will be able to merge our brains with AI, according to technology experts

By Matt Blitz Nov 1, 2019

Charlie Floyd  Business Insider

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Brian Wong – Kiip, CEO & Co-founder: So in 50 years I think the world will, in terms of technology, really change and really this concept I call proximity of tech – which is how close the technology is to your body. And right now where it’s kind of silly, we hold things and we wear things and it’s kind of at our hands, right? At our feet right, right? And we might put it on over our faces but the whole point is just getting it into our eyeballs, into our ears, into our stomachs. Ingestibles are already a thing, it’s crazy, you literally ingest these pills these robot pills that can obviously see what you’re eating and all these things and all your caloric intake, it’s amazing. And then you know you’ve heard of startups like Magic Leap where they’re doing AR for your world; I should just be able to load my emails then like do this, then do this, that’s literally what will happen I think in 50 years, everything will just come inside and that to me is really, really exciting.

Mahadev Satyanarayanan – Carnegie Mellon, University Professor: Many applications that today we perform unassisted, will, in fact, be assisted operations. So a surgeon or a nurse in a hospital who’s working on a patient will have an angel on his or her shoulder looking over him or her and offering helpful guidance when perhaps he has, or he’s about to make a mistake.

Dirk Wisselmann – BMW Group, Senior Engineer Automated Driving: In 50 years time I think we will see very diverse mobility. We will have autonomous cars, and I think we will still have manual driven cars because I think it’s really the choice of the customer. For safety reasons we will make the conventional cars also very safe, it’s not necessary that we really need completely autonomous driving, only driven by safety.

Paula Boddington – Oxford University, Senior Researcher (Department of Computer Science): So what will the world look like in 50 years time, well sadly it’s anybody’s guess; so there are projections where the world is fantastic, we’ve got rid of poverty, we’re all living in some kind of harmonious situation, we’ve all got technology at our fingertips and there are other projections where the development of technology might lead to things like really wide scale unemployment and it might lead to people really being hooked into their machines. We could, I think, reach a much better world where people are living a more human life in fact as a response to this technology and I think if we don’t push it in that direction we could have a very, very dystopian future.

Rand Hindi – Snips, CEO: It is very hard to predict the future 50 years ahead, what I’m sure about though is that it will never be an artificial intelligence, that’s super intelligent that just takes over humans, but rather it’s going to be perhaps brain-machine interfaces, that enables us as humans to combine our horizontal intelligence, with the vertical execution capabilities of artificial intelligence. Because a combination of the two is far better than either of them alone.

Anna Bager – Interactive Advertising Bureau, Executive VP of Industry Initiatives: What do I think the world will look like in 50 years time? I hope I’m going to be around. I think it’s going to be better, more beautiful. I think we’re going to live in a world where we are not just seeing what we want to see but hopefully where we are being, from a media perspective, also inspired and challenged to think differently but all hope for the good of mankind and humanity. I think the world is going to be great.

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