6 Reasons why IoT is a vital aspect of digital reality

6 Reasons why IoT is a vital aspect of digital reality

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic these days. Offering an ecosystem where companies gather, measure, and transmit heaps of data, IoT has opened up a world of possibilities.

Businesses can collect invaluable data, gain insights into future trends, and come up with research-backed solutions. IoT gives them greater flexibility and enhances the lifetime value of their assets. IoT devices that are gradually marking their territory in the electronics culture, and almost every industry, is benefitting from them.

People are investing in and adapting to smart devices now more than ever. Every aspect of your life generates data. Your smartphone tracks your browsing habits, real-time location, and social media activities. We are all emerging into the new world of IoT that keeps us connected with everything important to us.

It is estimated that by the year 2020, the world will have about 21 billion devices connected to the internet. There’s no question that these smart devices are soon going to define how we interact with basic everyday objects.

Whether it’s for a big corporation or your personal life, IoT is certainly making waves. Here’s why the digital reality we know today is incomplete without it:

1. Unmatched Interconnectivity

IoT is about to go mainstream in a big way. The prime purpose of Internet-connected devices is to allow people to communicate with one another and access crucial data and processes. IoT devices, therefore, generate real-time data that is examined to produce desired business outcomes.

Instead of simply connecting a plethora of devices, it impels business owners and leaders to architect and monetises connected systems. This automatically empowers them with greater insights and ultimately, better customer experience.

2. With Big Data Comes Big Value

Data drives innovation. It is the lifeblood for the modern world we live in. The biggest benefit of big data is the insight it provides to businesses. From producing analytics on consumer behaviour, helping governments to solve socio-economic crises, and empowering scientists with innovative cures for diseases – there’s nothing Big Data can’t do.

According to Garner, in the coming decade, IoT has the remarkable potential to unlock over $1.9 trillion for the global economy. Companies are now looking for expert data centres that can manage and optimise this precious data. 

3. A Competitive Edge for Businesses

IoT unlocks dynamic business solutions, which is why it’s priceless. The constant flow of data is shared with a network of different partners and their data to create newer insights and powerful IoT business solutions. The terrific speed at which data is accessed and insights are delivered give businesses great leverage over their competitors.

4. A Road to Smart Cities

People are not the only ones using IoT devices. Soon enough, entire cities are going to adapt to smart technologies in order to increase efficiency. Cities are going to work through automated systems where data is collected and managed via a central cloud platform. Things like surveillance systems and visitor kiosks are slowly going to become a norm.

5. Greater Efficiency for Businesses

Machine-to-machine interaction can save a lot of time and money that businesses can use on other developments. IoT devices provide speedy time response, fast-paced functions, and accurate results, which makes them invaluable for businesses seeking to cut costs.

6. Security Solutions

Cyber-security is an increasing concern for businesses using cloud-based solutions. In today’s world, where everything is stored digitally, the need to safeguard crucial data through IoT devices is unquestionable.

Through modern video technology, Biometric sensors, and smart security locks, businesses can monitor and secure their assets. They will have tighter control over the inventory, employees’ credentials, and other sensitive data. IoT devices can also guard SaaS (Software as a Service) applications that a business uses by restricting unwarranted access.

IoT is slowly paving the way for unimaginable possibilities and business solutions. Smart technologies are a crucial part of our lives, making it difficult to survive without them. Therefore, the future of the digital world certainly belongs to IoT. 

Source: Tech Geek

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